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Wind turbines

Wind turns a wind turbine because it exerts a force on the blades, as the air over the wing of an airplane. By coupling the blades to a generator, it produces the electricity , as a dynamo on a bicycle. The amount of energy produced by a wind turbine strongly depends on the length of the blades and the wind speed. This is why wind turbines are becoming larger and placed on mats higher and higher the wind is stronger as you climb in altitude. It is for these reasons that the wind turbines are placed increasingly at sea. Some modern wind turbines have a diameter of 100 m and can produce, under ideal conditions, a power of 6 megawatts. Which is enough, roughly, to provide the electricity to 6,000 households .wind-turbines-at-home1 Currently the North Sea Belgian hosts two wind farms . The C-PowerPark including 60 wind turbines is 27 km from the coast of Zeebrugge on the Thornton. It has a total capacity of 300 megawatts. The Belwindpark is 46 kilometers off Zeebrugge on the Bligh Bank and is in the world, the far side of the park. It has a total capacity of 165 megawatts. A third wind farm is planned up to the sand bank “Bank zonder Naam” at a distance of 38 km from the coast. This park will develop a power of 144 to 216 megawatts. In Wallonia, there were in January 2011, 204 wind turbines capable of producing 442.3 megawatts.

skypump-neighborhoodAs any energy source, wind energy also has disadvantages . Thus, due to fluctuating amounts of wind, wind power electricity generation varies greatly from day to day. Which means that the energy is not always available when needed. Therefore conducting intensive studies to develop techniques to store energy. The establishment of a modern power grid at the European level is also needed to continue the development of wind energy. This requires considerable investment.
In residential areas, wind turbines can cause noise and the shadow cast by wind turbines can cause an annoying strobe effect for homes in the area. Fortunately, clear and strict standards have been implemented recently, which generally limits the inconvenience. Moreover, it must be taken into account in the impact study.

We sometimes hear that wind turbines cause harm to birds and bats. While it is true that many birds die each year due to wind turbines, this represents less than 1% of the number of birds killed by cars, windows and cats. The benefits of wind energy are considerable in Judging by the fact that no other sustainable energy source has benefited in recent years, such important investments. Wind turbines are very reliable, produce no (e) waste / fine particle. And, because of technological advances, the price of wind power continues to decrease. Wind energy is undoubtedly one of sustainable power sources the most promising.